Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I haven't written a blog in over a year. I just wanted to show you guys this new lip color I am trying ad I absolutely love it. It's MAC Cosmetics Chromagraphic pencil called Marine Ultra. It isn't necessarily worn on your lips but when I saw this color I was mesmerized.I have gotten tons of compliments on it. I love it this color!
SideNote: Do you guys see my new neighbor (pimple) Herbert? :-P

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Touch The Sky

As I was perusing around my daily blogger and designer sites, I came across these incredible works of art!
Alexander McQueen's Armour Wedge Sandal.
(photo from Alexander McQueen online)
Christian Louboutin Daffodile Brodee Pump.
(photo from Christian Louboutin online)
Jeffrey Campbell's Night Walk Platform.
(photo from Nasty Gal Online)
Charlotte Olympia's Leopard-Print Platform Pump.
(photo from Neiman Marcus online)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homework Never Looked This Good

Lodis Accessories Siren E-Reader Case. Found here

Imagine you are sitting in front of your laptop finally finishing that God-awful paper you had to write for class. It’s time to save it and give it to the professors in the next fifteen minutes (procrastination got the best of you). As you proceed to save it on a USB with no personality, you stumble on the reason homework became fashionable. Introducing the USB for the girls let fashion cross into her collegiate affair. Marc Jacobs has allowed the elite runway become part of the techno savvy.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Lips' USB Flash Drive Key Chain

Marc Jacobs (one of my favorite designers) has put a twist on homework that we simply cannot do without. From the bold red lips that allows even the most difficult task to be kissable to the heart that reminds of why it beats for fashion, Marc Jacobs has found a way for the most difficult tasks seem fashionable.

kate spade new york Fairmont Striped Neoprene Laptop Sleeve, 15"

If the kissable USB key isn’t enough for the fashion inclined, you may also try the cutest laptop sleeves from the designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs. All of our most sought after designers have found our way for our laptops to give a statement about their owners. We can’t do without our label fixes. Can we?

If you are attempting to do your homework and need a pick me up, by all means reach for that glimmer of glamour as you become part of fashion with one keyboard stroke at a time. You can find these accessories online at Bloomingdales or ShopStyle. Girls, Homework NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD!

(All of these Tech Accessories can be found at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom)

(Photos: CatWalkChronicles and Bloomingdales)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Color Me BADD

This year so far has been all about the color. From the beautiful color blocking of Stacey Dash’s character Val in “Single Ladies” to Kim Kardashian’s Gucci color blocked dress, color is the first accessory to wear when stepping out onto your own runway. Now, the color-blocking trend has turned itself onto the runway floor by allowing your beautiful feet to take part in the spectacular fashion trend. For the first official posting of Geek and Glamour, what better way to start off my blog than paying homage to this year’s leading trends of footwear: The bold pump, the printed wedge, and a soulful loafer.

The first to be introduced is the Phillip Lim 3.1 Regine Braided Cotton & Leather T-Strap Pumps. Green is definitely a color to look forward to in the fall.

Jeffrey Campbell has been making shoe headlines with wooded heels. Now, he has taken a new approach by adding animal print and architectural wood to a platform. YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF AGAIN Mr. Campbell!

Lastly, Charles Phillip has allowed the typical loafer to become a sight for sore eyes. fun printed and fabric lining, comfort can now breed confidence.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

GABIFRESH: Block Party

GABIFRESH: Block Party: "I was so excited when Wilhelmina Models recently contacted me to collaborate on an exclusive project for my blog. We decided that I would s..."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Forget to Say I Love You

Don’t Forget To Say I Love You.

Our culture is in peril. We have seen the mark of slavery, racism, and segregation, along with many other problems plaguing our community. We have all seen the destruction that has happened to the people of color to this nation. It has brought on much pain to our families. We often find it hard to remain in tact with a close bond that is necessary to survive when everything is set against you.

We are in a time where all of these things that are affecting the community are being talked about. We are at a place where we are not ashamed of talking about the things that will continue to hold down African Americans if we do not tackle these issues. But there is one thing that we forget to say when our voices are heard in the community: I love you.

Too many of our leaders in the black community forget the words that are needed for their followers. We will stand to say what is wrong with the black community but forget to hug the mother that is a struggling parent. Forget to appreciate the brother who is trying to provide for his family. Or understand our brothers and sisters in the prison system that have no other way of surviving besides doing what they feel is necessary to live. We forget the simple things that make us the people of strength and courage. Our strength and courage is love.

What I want to say is this: Love of our brothers and sisters is necessary. Criticism is needed in order for us to move forward. We need it. Our families are breaking down because we lack the idea and the meaning of it. Before we point the finger, before we open out mouths for criticism, before we begin to group our ideas what can we do to fix the plaguing problems in our community, DON’T FORGET THE WORDS I LOVE YOU. If you don’t mean anything out of love, you aren’t worth listening to.